It is not what the coach knows; it is what the participants have learned.



One on One coaching.

My one on one coaching is focused on personal development and increasing sales in your business. I truly believe that the growth of the business is directly connected to the growth of the entrepreneur. I have coached dozens of merchants personally with their business and personal challenges. With my psychology clinic, we help hundreds of clients every month.

There are many options when it comes to one on one coaching, for example:

  • One on One personal meetings
  • One on One Video call meetings
  • Full day training once a month
  • Full Week Inspirational Training Trip
  • Full Weekend Inspirational Training Trip
  • 1-week full inspiring trip training
  • Full weekend inspiring trip training

All options are available for biweekly, monthly, quarterly.



Interested in One on One Coaching?

Do not hesitate and set up a free introduction call with me through the following button. We will talk about your challenges and needs, I will also give you a short explanation of how I could help you.  


Once in 3 months, I am organizing a workshop for Amazon Sellers. Usually, there are around 20 sellers attending, from newbies to experienced merchants.

There are two presentations, one presentation is about an Amazon sales related topic and the second presentation is related to personal development.

We close the workshop with Round tables, the sellers come together and share their knowledge and questions in roundtables.

Interested to join the next workshop? Please check out the facebook page. 

Massy Wahab Workshop

Coaching & Mastermind

More than one coach - learn from other like-minded people in the group.



Together with the Culture Of Achievement group, I have created a Coaching Mastermind program.

This program is a proven method and has already worked on dozens of sellers. Personally, I am very proud of this program because not only the coach but also the participants play a role in increasing your sales. Coaching and Mastermind are combined.


No matter what level you are on in your Amazon business there are always
challenges that you have to face if you want to go to the next level.

Our coaching program is designed for both beginners and advanced sellers
who want to learn from experienced business people who have already built
multi-million dollar businesses on Amazon.

Phase 0

$900 Per 3 months
  • 0 $ - 10k $ Monthly Sales Volume
  • Max 5 Participants
  • Biweekly Coaching Meetings
  • Biweekly Mastermind Meetings

Phase 1

$1400 Per 3 months
  • 10k $ - 50k $ Monthly Sales Volume
  • Max 4 - 5 Participants
  • Biweekly Coaching Meetings
  • Biweekly Mastermind Meetings

Phase 2

$2300 per 3 months
  • 50k $ - 100k $ Monthly Sales Volume
  • Max 4 - 5 Participants
  • Biweekly Coaching Meetings
  • Biweekly Mastermind Meetings

Phase 3

$3500 per 3 months
  • 100k $ - 1MM $ Monthly Sales Volume
  • Max 4 Participants
  • Biweekly Coaching Meetings
  • Biweekly Mastermind Meetings

Contact The Culture Of Achievement

For more information about registration, terms, and conditions. 

Looking forward to hear from you!