I aspire to work on projects that have a positive contribution to the development of a group of people or the society in general. Therefore, I set up influential projects and utilize the positive side of the new inventions in our society.

As an ambitious and enthusiastic individual, who is optimistic and always looking to get the best out of myself and others - to reach our personal or business goals. I am always focused on personal development strategies, which could shift us to a new situations that did not exist in the current phase of life. The ability to analyse in detail and connect ideas, encourages me to communicate potential opportunities in an effective manner.


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    Founder & Co-CEO

    2019-Today | Orange Sellers

    Orange Sellers is an Amazon accelerator. The Amazon marketplace management and services provider. Our goal is not just to create an online identity, but give the online business a competitive presence by increasing their visibility and sales on the Amazon Marketplaces. We are flexible in our approach by providing an A La Carte assistance for our brand partners. Our aim is to provide an accurate and inclusive high-level account management, from A to Z. We are passionate and successful in building businesses on the Amazon platform since 2015.

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    2015-Today | Welbewust Psycholoog

    WelBewust Psychologie Utrecht is a psychology practice located in the city center of Utrecht. We treat patients in the Basic mental health care for psychological problems. We also treat psychological problems related to physical symptoms, psychological support in personal development and do psychological research.

    We work with the most scientifically approved theories in the field, going beyond psychology's traditional focus on illness and pathology, we focus for example at areas like well-being and fulfilment aswel. Everyone above 18 years and older are welcome for treatment.

  • Founder of Amazon Shop
2015-Today (3 years) - Amazon Private Label Seller
Launched an Amazon business with multiple brands, which are selling over 9000 orders a month. We are working with a creative international team operating from China, the Philippines, and the Netherlands. From 2015 on we are growing this company nonstop, and importing containers of goods on a monthly basis from China to the USA.

    Founder Amazon Store

    2015-Today | Amazon Private Label Seller

    Launched an Amazon business with multiple brands, which are selling over 20,000 orders a month. We are working with a creative international team operating from China, the Philippines, and the Netherlands. From 2015 on we are growing this company nonstop, and importing containers of goods on a monthly basis from China to the USA.

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    Founder & Manager

    2014-2016 (2 years) | OView

    The app is about freedom to form your own opinion and freedom to vote. The co-founders group grew to 8 and the team to 60+ active teammebers located all over the globe.

    The app was about using short statements, quick reaction time and an easy voting system. You will get trending news topics on your phone to vote on. After voting “yes” or “no”, you will be able to see if the world shares your view and read up on the topic from news sources of your own choosing.  Every voice is a valuable one; we truly believe this. That’s why we decided to created Oview. A mobile application that gives everybody the chance to let their voice be heard. Because our opinion counts.

    After two and half years of developing and grinding, we decided to stop this startup and continue when the time is right.

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    2013 (1 year) | Ice Cream Express

    A simple business model, selling ice cream on a trendy ice cream tricycle. The tricycle was a great eye-catching business opportunity that had a relatively low start up cost, but with creative locations in Amsterdam and several tricycles one could sell a lot of gelato. 2013 was the hottest summer since 1903 and we sold ice cream on long hot summer days or people hired us for weddings, festivals and birthday parties.

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    Founder & Managing Director

    2011-Today | OFoundation

    A business model, instead of traditional development aid. An approach that provides regular income, reduce poverty and is profitable. We believe that the NGO’s should use their donated resources to increase their capital. By setting up small local businesses in developing regions. Not a random business, but a successful business model that have already proven to be profitable in the target region and franchise it. These franchised enterprises will provide employment, to the local disadvantaged.


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    Regional Manager (Startup)

    2012-2013 (1 year) - Goedmarkt

    Introduce Goedmarkt in the region (Utrecht), Recruiting businesses & building relationships, Relationship cultivation and management, Representing Goedmarkt at exhibitions, seminars & networking events, Corporate Fundraising.

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    Account Manager (Startup period in Netherlands)

    2011-2012 (1 year) - Groupon

    Identifying new prospects, Approaching new and existing prospects, Complete B2B sales process, Building and developing a diverse portfolio of prospects, Consulting the prospect with improvements in the field of online marketing.

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    General Trainer

    2010-2011 (1 year) - Emolife 

    Personal & Business Development of the Branch Managers within the three labels, Emolife-Street, SQPeople and The Sales Unit (42 offices, including offices from Belgium, Curacao and Germany). Developing training programs, Conducting training programs, Assisting Branch Managers in the application of theory into practice, Supervision sessions, Organizing and conducting training weeks and training weekends, Train the trainer.

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    Startup Branch Manager

    2008-2010 (2 years) - Emolife

    Startup from scratch and grow three Marketing offices at Heerlen, Eindhoven and Utrecht. Setting up a new office, Recruiting new staff, Appoint and coaching office manager, Install new branch manager, Organizing and conducting Sales-Trainings, Coaching fundraisers, Conducting assessment and performance interviews, Building a profitable face to face marketing office.

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    Project Manager

    2007-2008 (1 year) - Amnesty International

    Startup the website: www.iamnesty.nl for all the youth activities of Amnesty International. Organizing a regional art event, Coordination of youth activities within the region.


  • Personal management

    2012 |   Certificaat, NLP Basic Communication

  • Tilburg University

    2008-2009 |  Psychology

  • Fontys University of Applied Sciences

    2008-2009 |   Minor, Creative Management
                          Minor, Personal Professional Development.
    2006-2009 |   Bachelor, Human Resources Management.
    2005-2006 |  Specialized in Personal development and Training
    2004-2005 |  Propaedeutic Applied Psychology


  • Private Amazon Workshop

    The Culture of Achievement | Romania flag

  • The Culture of Achivement

    The Culture of Achievement | Romania flag

  • Seller Connect Amsterdam

    Amazing.com |

  • Amazing Selling Machine

    Amazing.com |

  • Top Dogs Summit

    Tomer Rabinovic and Roei Fahri | 

  • Social Adventure


  • Get in The Ring Finals


  • Amazing Barcelona

    Amazing.com |

  • Sustainable Development Goals

    SDG Charter Foundation Bureau

  • The Next Web Conference


  • Canton Fair

    China Foreign Trade Centre |

  • Amazon Forum

    Sales Hub |

  • Impact Startup Fest

    Impact City

  • Startup Fest Europe

    Startup Delta


  • WellAware Being Yourself

    Be Yourself Events of WelBewust Psycholoog. Trainer and Speaker, teaching how to change your mindset, understand your inner self image and improve confidence.

  • The Culture of Achivement

    The topic was how to outsource your work, recruit and train remote employees for an online business.

  • Top Dogs Summit

    Speaking about how to outsource your work, recruit and train remote employees for an online business.

  • Private Amazon Workshop

    Finding your why in life and eternal motivation, use this power to grow your business and live in happiness.

  • Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018

    University of Applied Science Rotterdam.

    Keynote speaker, inspiring 300+ students about entrepreneurship and online business.

  • European Private Label Summit

    Time and Task Management for an online business owner with remote employees.

  • Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017

    University of Applied Science Rotterdam.

    Speaker, inspiring 300+ students about what does it mean to be an entrepreneur, failing till you succeed.

  • Partin Day

    Event for small scale private charity organisations. Presenter for the Micro Franchise Challenge, powered by OFoundation.


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“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

- Tony Robbins.