I´m Massy Wahab.

Massy (3)

I am an entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience. I help businesses to start and grow online.

For fun, I like observing nature, reading books, solving problems, and building things.

Why not?

What would happen if…?

I started my first entrepreneurial experience when I was 12, doing an internship at one of the first computer shops in our town. From there I started to fix personal computers, started also a carwash, and sold handmade products door to door.

From my 16th year on, I got introduced to personal development. Slowly I started to develop myself professionally. My first real business – a phone cases webshop – failed quite fast. After that I had a small online marketing business, creating websites and Facebook marketing for some big brands. Offline I tried to sell ice cream on small ice cream bicycle shops in Amsterdam. But this ice cream venture did not feel like my passion. So in the meantime, I started OFoundation. Introducing a new business model for donation-based NGOs. OFoundation was a lot of fun, with big results, but the organization did not create a regular income stream at that time. So I founded a social enterprise the Oview App. For two years we built an app with a team of 60+ people from all over the world. Unfortunately, we had to pause the project, because of a lack of funding.

At the same time, I started my Amazon business and a Psychology clinic. For the clinic, we do over 500 appointments per month. The e-commerce business was selling up to 20,000 customers every month. After 6 years I sold the e-commerce business and started a new brand online. Next to running these businesses, I like to tell my story and teach what I've learned to entrepreneurs and knowledge seekers.

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