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Massy Wahab

I started my first entrepreneurial experience when I was 12, doing an internship for 6 months at one of the first computer shops in our town. From there, I started to car wash and sell handmade products door to door, or fix personal computers. In high school, I was the guy who sold you the latest DVD's and CD's, as we were one of the few in town who owned a CD burner.

From my 16th year on, I got introduced to personal development courses. Slowly I started to develop myself professionally. My first real business – a phone cases webshop – failed quite fast. After that I had a small online marketing business, creating websites and facebook marketing for some big brands. Offline I tried to sell ice cream on small ice cream bicycle shops trough Amsterdam. But this ice cream venture did not feel like my passion. So in the meantime, I started OFoundation. Introducing a new business model for donation based NGO's.  OFoundation was a lot of fun, with big results, but the organization did not create regular income. So I founded a social enterprise the Oview App. For two years we built an app with a team of 60+ people from all over the world. Unfortunately, we had to pause the project, because of lack of funding.

At the same time, I started my Amazon business and Psychology clinic, and both these two projects became real businesses. Now we are selling to 9000+ customers a month and helping around 450 appointments with clients every month. Beside these businesses, I like to tell my story and teach what I've learnt to entrepreneurs and knowledge seekers.

  • Entrepreneurialism

    Entrepreneurship is in all of us, in some more than the other. Internet and the latest technology provide new opportunities every day. Nowadays, everyone has the chance to be an entrepreneur on their own level.

  • Personal development

    Psychology and personal development are the basis of my life. The mystery of the mind fascinates me on every level. The journey of discovering myself will never stop.

  • Giving & Sharing

    I believe in giving & sharing. From one on ones, to giving back to groups, or building something for our society. Giving and sharing is the key to my happiness.

  • People & Places

    One of my passions in life is to travel and meet new people from different cultures. Make new friends, experience nature, analyse new ideas and participate in other traditions.